Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Starbucks Mug

There's so much to do when you get home from a trip. You have to catch up on work outside the home (whatever you do to make a living.) You have to catch up on mail, laundry, ironing, pick up some groceries, and make those calls and e-mails you missed while away.
I bought myself a treat while I was on vacation, a new Starbucks mug. These mugs are such a good idea, why didn't someone think of them before now? First of all, they have no handle! How smart is that!?! No more banging around in the cabinet and no more jockeying cups in the dishwasher rack so the handles won't chip. Chipped dishes in my house go in the trash can, not back in the cupboard.
Secondly, my new mug has the rubber grip on it. No more burning my hand to drink my steamy, velvety smooth java. "It's a good thing" as Martha would say.
Lastly, it holds just the right amount. No wimpy teacup size, no gargantuan mug size that gets cold. Just like in Goldilocks, it is "just right".
So, here I am, crossing the items off my list to make me feel caught up again, with my new trusty mug by my side. What a great day!

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