Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Part I

I love being a Mom, no secret there. When Mother's Day rolls around, I particularly think of a Mother's Day when my older son was 2. Evidently I really didn't have much time for myself, as when my husband took care of him all day Mother's Day to give me a day off, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I refinished a children's wood chair for my little guy. I was very excited. I found the chair at an antique store. It had been used in an old country school for decades and it showed signs of wear from little children, much like my own. I envisioned all these little kiddies sitting and listening to the teacher read from the same books my son enjoyed.
Mother's Day was one of those glorious Minnesota spring days. I spent it in my yard scraping off old varnish, sanding and revarnishing to a satisfying shine for a new pint-sized chair for my toddler. That was my treat for Mother's Day! To this day, I remember the satisfaction of completing a project I had wanted to do for sometime. That was a special Mother's Day.
Today what would I like for Mother's Day? I always want what I can't have...more time with my wonderful adult children. One-on-one would be nice. Even though I just saw them not long ago, I love their smile, their sense of humor and their "take" on so many different topics. Every Mother thinks their children are the best. Mine are.

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