Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Financial Update

It's the first of the month, my financial updates every month are supposed to inspire you to "tighten your belt" and be able to live a better life through financial independence and be debt-free.
This month it's "Do I I say, not as I do." Our fabulous vacation in Hilton Head blew the budget out of the water. I could go back and say..
Overspent on golf---check!
Overspent on eating out---check!
Overspent on Gifts---check!
Overspent on travel/entertainment---check!
I even spent up to my allowed budget on Personal Jene, I never do that.
What I should have done is to place a dollar amount on each category and when I reached that figure, stop spending. That's right..."no mas!" Maybe next year.
I continued to put my extra change in a piggy bank every night and saved a whopping $5.52. I must admit the little jar is filling up in just three months.
I had one day of no spending. HAHA!
I bought a Mega Millions Lottery ticket in Georgia. I doubt if Warren Buffett would recommend that tactic to improve your financial networth. (For you inquiring minds, I did not get even one number.) I should listen more closely to Warren.
I have to remind myself, "It's not where you're at, it's where you're headed." Let's see how I can improve things this month. Stay tuned 6/4/2009.

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