Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Children and Water Safety

Arizona has one of the highest number of children's drowning deaths in the United States. It is so sad to watch the news and see another child in the hospital or worse, because of a child's drowning accident. It's easy to pay blame on the parents, but we all know children are lightning fast and have no fear. There are steps and products you can use to help make your child safe.
First and foremost, teach your child to swim. A healthy respect of water is necessary. Some of the ideas here are for pools. Most will work for lakes as well.
Secondly, if you have a pool, put a fence around it. There are solid mobile fences now that are reasonably priced.
Third, there are a number of devices as door alarms and double locks on doors.
Another option is an invisible laser alarm. It works like and invisible fence, but no shock collar! It emits a screeching alarm when the area is breached.
Lastly, there is a "Turtle". It is a wrist alarm shaped like a turtle that the child wears. If the turtle gets wet, an alarm sounds.
Don't forget about the old fashioned life jacket!
Keep children safe around water. We all must play a part.

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