Monday, May 4, 2009

Air Travel

Good Morning! I awake refreshed after sleeping in my own bed. I love getting away, having fun, doing things out of the ordinary. But being home is great. I was looking over my photos today and found this one. Yes, I was bored out of my mind with being at the ariport too long. When I get bored, I'm like a little kid, I get into trouble.
Here's the story...Son #2 and I have an ongoing rant about flying in planes. He started it by texting me while he was obviously frustrated by an unruly child on the plane next to him. These texts have been going on for months, they didn't all happen on the same flight.
Rule #572 Do not allow children under the age of 4 on a plane.
Next flight:
Rule #573 Do not read aloud to your child the same book over and over for three hours.
Next flight:
Rule #574 Do not kick the seat ahead of you repeatedly.
Next flight:
Rule #575 Do not fly sick and sneeze and cough on me for 4 hours.
Next flight (my turn):
Rule #582 (Yes, I know I skipped some numbers) Do not carry on 4 large carry-on bags.
Next flight (back to him):
Rule # 576 Do not bump the aisle seat passenger with your bags while going down the aisle to find your seat.
Rule #583 Do not spit on your seatmate when you talk. Best you don't talk at all.
That's what happened to me. This lady came with 4 large bags, (of course I had the middle seat). She was stashing them everywhere, overhead till they dropped out, then on her seat, under her seat, under my seat, you name it. Then she started talking, I mean spitting on me. GROSS! Didn't anyone tell her it's H1N1 season??
Then she stood up after the flight and here were her black athletic pants trimmed with white contrasting thread, stuck in her butt crack. Gross again! I had to laugh, it was fitting for such a broad. Then I snapped her photo. Told you I get into trouble when I get bored.

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