Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekend Chores

The weekend is here. Most people work from Monday through Friday. That leaves only two days to do errands, have fun, relax, do the housework, laundry, household chores, grocery shopping, etc. Have a weekend getaway or houseguests and it can throw you off. By the way, whatever your days off, this will fit you.
How can one manage all of this and still feel you have some "down" time to recharge your batteries?
Have a list of things you need to accomplish and plan in increments. Friday night may be your night off, to go to a movie, see friends, watch TV, etc.
Saturday morning maybe your "sleep-in" day. Don't plan anything until after 10 am. If you get up earlier, go out for breakfast or coffee, something for yourself.
Then start on your list, but only plan in maximum two hour time slots, two hours to clean house/do household chores (you can wrap your laundry into this as well), two hours for errands, two hours for yard work and car maintenance, until you have covered your "to do" list. If you don't have enough to fill up the two hours, think of something, try to fit into that timeslot. For example, if it's winter and there isn't much yard work, have your car oil changed and the car washed. Try to get ahead in some area.
Saturday night maybe for entertaining, a concert, or more down time.
Sunday is time to go to church, if you are so inclined, get out, see the sights around town, relax with the Sunday paper, or whatever you need to do to recharge.
If you miss a week because of being out of town or having houseguests, it's just like at your "real" job, you have to make it up at some other time, maybe at night after work, or double up the next weekend. Trouble starts if you let it go and skip a week (this is called procrastination!).
If you keep up, you won't give up.

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