Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again, spring cleaning. (Of course, one must keep it up all year long to keep any semblance of order in a home.) But spring and fall, all the stops come out.
At this point, it's time to have the carpet cleaned and have the windows done.
I made the huge mistake of getting off-white carpet in our current home. I thought since it was just Foxtrot Freddie and me in the house, nothing to worry about. But was I wrong. Now we both work out of the home and the tracking is all day long everyday. BOO! I rely on Mister Carpet Clean, a great privately owned company and the guy does a fabulous job, comes when he says, works hard, charges a fair price and when he leaves my carpets are white again. YEA! The bad part of all of this is removing all the small furniture, which I have to rush to do right after I post this blog. Next on the agenda is the window washer. I used to wash all the windows myself, even when we owned two story homes. I'd be hanging out out of the windows in precarious positions and wipe away to get all the winter sludge off. I have an admission-I am window-cleaning disabled. Every time I clean windows they are streaked. I have tried everything, every home concoction, every towel, newspaper, everything; still streaked. Then I found Eli. Eli is a former AZ Prison guard that got tired of taking the crap from the convicts so he started his own window cleaning company. He's the best. He comes and in less time then it would take me to fill the bucket with window cleaning solution, he's done and rolling down the street in his car. The bad news is the windows are so clean, the birds crash into them! Small price to pay.
Enjoy your day. By the end of today I am going to have a sparkling house. Sounds like I am going to have a good day!

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