Monday, April 27, 2009

Southern Manners

I am paging through the local newspaper reading the local news from Savannah, GA. Here is an article worth sharing, written by L.A. Plume.
She is addressing the "breakdown of our social structure" wondering how our daughters will discover the "sweet, sacred mysteries" of their sexuality in their own time and on their own terms in a society bent on commercializing, demoralizing and demystifying" it. She reflects on her own youth, which I take, is not that old, maybe in her 40's. She said in a proper southern society, some families kept a "social register" and if a caller of the opposite sex made a call to your home, their parentage was checked against this social register before the call was put through to the daughter. Sounds a bit snooty to me, but this type of "sizing up" does happen in many different forms everywhere. Some parents may say, "You can't date him, he's from the wrong side of the tracks."
She compares it to now, when her own daughter may be asked out by e-mail or text. Will the date show up at the house, introduce himself to the parents and reassure them that he will bring the daughter home safely at the appointed time? Or will the daughter "meet" the suitor on Facebook and go with a group to "hang"? Is this an acceptable way to meet a partner? What will it be like in 5 or 10 years?
As L.A. Plume laments, "What has happened to propriety, romance and protocol? Any thoughts on this parents?

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Anonymous said...

This just ruined my day!
Ok maybe that's a bit dramatic but I hadn't even thought of that- I was looking forward to my daughters suitors showing up at the door and seeing her Dad clean his shotgun like my dad did.