Monday, April 20, 2009


I had a very dear friend while I was living in Wisconsin. Her husband was the pastor at the church I attended. We moved to the community about the same time, our boys were about the same age and we shared some similar life experiences. She taught me this mealtime prayer I think is the most beautiful I have ever heard at a table.
Dear Lord,
Bless the friends/family beside us,
The love between us,
The food before us,
And Your presence among us.
Simple, but it says it all, doesn't it?
When I was a child my Grandma taught me this prayer:
Dear Father in Heaven I thank you tonight,
That you have been near me to help me do right,
Bless Father and Mother and all who I love,
And teach me to please you dear Father above.
These are two simple everyday prayers I have enjoyed through the years.

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