Thursday, April 2, 2009

Monthly Financial Update

Refer back to blog post 3/3/2009
How are you doing with your monthly financial plan? Remember we were going to keep track of our spending for one month? How did you do?
I tried. After careful evaluation I can see I have a ways to go. Everyone has their "easy to stay on budget" categories. Mine is "Personal Jene." I never was one to spend much money on myself, unless it was for a spa or new bauble, which thank God, I don't indulge myself very often.
Then there are the categories we have a tough time to stay within budget on, mine is "Gifts". I love to buy things for other people. Who knows why, I often wonder if they like the gift as much as I do, or if they just put up with my indulgences and then return the item. Note to self: STOP!
Long story short, I didn't do terribly. I was under 25% in Grocery category, using coupons, watching for sales and menu planning, I was under 50% in household, which I define as anything I need to buy whether it's goods or services for the house, and under budget a whopping 75% in Personal Jene and Entertainment. I was over 125% in Gifts. Oops!
As for the categories I posted:
Emergency Fund (EF) Hard to keep track of as it's taken out of paychecks.
Change Jar (CJ) I empty my wallet every night and in March put away $6.83.
No Spend Days (NSD) Forgot to keep track of this, but I bet there were precious few.
Eat Out (Or Cocktails) (EO) I ate out quite a bit, but again, forgot to keep track. What is a reasonable number? Once a week? I ate out more than that I know.
What are your goals for April? I would like to curtail Gift spending and keep eating out down to once a week except on vacations (then once a day).

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