Friday, April 10, 2009

Life Lessons

I went to a motivational seminar yesterday. Here are a few pearls of wisdom that can be used in any realm of business--and life.
1. You not only have to be Good, you have to be THERE. You may have a good mind, you may know your business well, but if you are not 100% engaged, what's the use?
2. Technology has become the customer condom. Hmmm....interesting. Think about it, technology is a barrier preventing "face time" between the customer and you.
3. What you want and what you can achieve boils down to two simple things: education and motivation. You want to lose weight, chances are you know what foods to eat, what is your motivation? You want to be rich? Do you need more education or do you need the motivation to go out there are work harder? What do you need to work at to achieve your goals?
4. Tell the truth.
It works in every situation.
If you can't handle the truth,
You can't handle the situation.

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