Friday, April 3, 2009

Hot Investment Tip

People ask me when to buy and when to sell homes. Admittedly, I am very conservative on this. However, I predicted the boom a year before it happened and the bust about 6 months before it started.
I am telling you once again, it's time to buy a home. Why?
1. It's still a buyer's market with so many short sales/foreclosures on the market.
2. Great interest rates!
3. Great inventory!
4. Sellers are still thinking the prices are down, so they haven't raised them yet. NOTE: This is coming soon!
5. Call me cynical, but inflation is on the horizon and interest rates will soar. Buy now with a 30 year fixed mortgage and pat yourself on the back for being so smart.
Of course, use your head and don't buy if your job is tenuous. But for the rest of you. Call your Realtor today!
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