Friday, April 17, 2009


Oh my gosh, did I blow it!! I apologize to my wonderful Mother. I forgot to blog about her on her birthday. Let me tell you the story... I was in Minnesota to visit my Mother for her 83rd birthday. I had lots planned to make her birthday special; a family get together, a surprise visit from my sister, AJ, from Chicago, a special "girls" lunch at one of her favorite restaurants and take in a lazy afternoon moseying through the spring flower show at the St. Paul Como Park Conservatory. Of course, there were gifts, cake, cards and more. When I arrived I told Mom of my plans. Her response was, "All that sounds good, but if we can do it after 1:00, that would be better as I found a new TV station that plays polkas from 12-1 and I do my exercises then." I was surprised and slightly amused. (Since I had just spoken with a friend not two days earlier about how difficult it is to work exercise into my daily schedule.) I asked her what kind of exercising she did. She said, "Oh, I do stretches and then dance around my apartment for the rest of the show." The vision of this made me smile inside, after all, the woman is 83! The next day I arrived at 12:50 and saw the last 10 minutes of her "routine" and captured it on tape. God Bless you Mom, you're an inspiration in so many ways! Love you! XOXO

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