Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I live in a state where golf is king. There are 200 golf courses in my county alone. You cannot drive one mile without driving by the glorious manicured green grass, the gently rolling hills placed just so and the water and trees put in specific locations by (most likely) a famous golfer turned golf course designer. It's joy to see.
When I found this book, I realized I must have it, you'll understand why....
"I won't say my golf is bad, but if I'd be growing tomatoes, they'd be coming up sliced!" Miller Barber
"The golf links are so near the school yard,
The children peer out the fence
To watch men at play."--Sarah Cleghorn
"I only have one goal in golf, to leave with my sanity." --Joe Inman
"If you're stupid enough to whiff, you should be smart enough to forget it." --Arnold Palmer
"I try as hard as I can, sometimes things don't go your way and that's the way things go.--Tiger Woods
"You haven't got a chance, I mean, I own the place." --Donald Trump
"I've been playing the game for so long, my handicap is in Roman numerals.--Bob Hope
These are from the book "The Gigantic Book of Golf Quotations".
I understand why people like this game, the lovely setting, being outside in great weather and sunshine, the camaraderie, and the joy of no phones. I tried golf once. I went to a local course, warmed up on the range and took my first golf lesson. The young pro thought he was giving me words of encouragement by saying, "Don't get frustrated. I see guys out here who have been golfing for 30 years and they are still terrible, come off the course so mad and frustrated." (What my mind was hearing, In 30 years of trying you'll still suck.) I courteously finished my lesson, put the clubs in my car trunk, dusted off my hands and went shopping. That is my sport of choice and I am good at it!

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