Thursday, April 16, 2009

Common Sense

I give parents of the WWII generation a lot of credit for rearing their children. Some would roll their eyes at this because it brings back those days of "when I was young". However, when you flip through the channels, even the schmaltzy "Father Knows Best" or "Leave It To Beaver" had a hidden moral lesson. Moral lessons and common sense are unfortunately, taking a back seat today. (Speaking of "Leave It To Beaver" isn't this the most Eddie Haskell-looking photo? It's my brother, Mikie.) Where do kids learn these lessons? How can you have personal accountability and strong moral fiber if not taught by lessons and examples? At the end of all my blog posts you can add comments. If you can think of any "common sense lessons" you were taught, add them in the comment section. I came across this note in my reading. It did not have an author, so I guess I must call it by--Anonymous.
The Death of Common Sense
We mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense.
His birth records have been lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be known for such valuable lessons as:
Knowing when to com in out of the rain.
The early bird gets the worm.
A penny saved is a penny earned.
Life isn't always fair.
Maybe it was my fault.
Common sense lived by sound financial principles:
Don't spend more than you earn.

And reliable strategies:
Adults, not children are in charge.
Common sense health deteriorated rapidly when overbearing regulations were set into place.
Reports of a 6 year old boy was charged for sexual harassment when he kissed a classmate.
A teen was suspended for using mouthwash after lunch.
A teacher was suspended for disciplining an unruly student.
When schools were required to get parental permission to administer an aspirin or suntan lotion, but were forbidden to inform a parent when their child was seeking an abortion.
Common sense was lost when a criminal received better treatment than the victim and when illegals get more benefits than veterans.
Common sense was lost when you cannot defend yourself in your home against a burglar and he can sue you if you assault him.
Common sense left us when someone can sue a company when for serving hot coffee.
Common sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust, his wife, Discretion and his siblings, Responsibility and Reason.

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