Wednesday, March 4, 2009


"TWEET!" The sound heard around the world. I have been asked by several people if I "Twitter". In case you are unaware, "tweeting" is instant messaging of 140 characters or less to stay connected to people. It's driven by the question, "What are you doing?" As the introductory video says, "You stay in touch with people that matter." Then they go on to say, "You can find out what Demi Moore or M.C. Hammer is doing right this minute." WOW! Here are "stars" that are between gigs and have nothing to do. Does the Noble Laureate find time to "Twitter?"
I can tell you that people over the age of say, 40, don't really care minute by minute what you are doing, unless they have no life at all. Infact, if you have a life at under 40, you should be too busy to "Twitter". High school/college, maybe. That's where friends are more important than God, your family, anything. So, here's an example of a 16 year old's "Tweet" exchange.
CB:In algebra-lame.
DA: Going to lunch-wanna skip?
CB: No money, but I'll go.
DA: C U at 12, my car.
Okay, maybe that's a valid exchange. Now here's one for the over 40 crowd.
JS: Working on file
LL: Work sucks
JS: Life's a bitch
LL: Then you die
Okay, do I really need to waste my time with "Twittering"? Not for now!
Well, maybe one time...
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