Friday, March 27, 2009

Mother Nature

We are reminded again, you can't fool Mother Nature. North Dakota is evacuating for yet another flood to envelop the entire town of Fargo. It was about 10-12 years ago Grand Forks was wiped out. How do I remember this? My son was a student there. He used a borrowed wet/dry vac to suck gallons of muddy water out of his (then) new car. Thankfully the fortitude of those people prevailed and the city is now better than it was.
The hurricane Katrina ravaged two states, tornadoes regularly level swaths of land and homes in their path and ask any Midwesterner about the dangers brought about by extended periods of below zero temperatures.
Just last night we had 45 MPH winds in Phoenix with gusts to 65 MPH. While it was not catastrophic, it is just another reminder that nobody controls Mother Nature. It was alarming as trees fell, the house creaked and debris swirled with abandon. The airport was closed. Thank God somebody had some common sense. I certainly wouldn't want to be in a plane that had to land in that wind.
My heart goes out to those folks with real natural disasters in their lives.
Yes, Mother Nature shows us all whose boss-and we better listen!

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