Friday, March 13, 2009

Landscape Design

Foxtrot Freddie and I have always been enamored with beautiful landscapes. We (mostly he) have worked on gorgeous, park like landscapes in most of our homes. This spring we have a particularly nice yard, due to good ole' Mother Nature being kind to us by not having a frost in Arizona (and Foxtrot Freddie's diligence). Our flowers are blooming like they're on steroids.
We like different facets to our yard, water features that soothe and are tranquil to look at, as well as the varieties of shrubs, trees, flowers, and sculpted areas of lush grass. We like to vary the lawn textures, as the smooth green leaves, the coarse crushed granite (or bark mulch in different parts of the nation), the shimmer of waterfalls, and whimsy of lawn ornaments. Did I say "lawn ornaments"?
I have to admit to being a lawn ornament junkie. It's bad. I try to keep it tasteful, but I can see in my old age, I'll be the one with primary color "whirly-gigs" blowing in the breeze. Yikes! Hope not.
Don't you wonder what these frogs are smiling at?

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