Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lola's Household Hints

I love the ideas people come up with. You know, "The 25 uses for WD40". I read these and it gets my brain going, what can I come up with? I read in Woman's Day Magazine "5 Uses for Alka Seltzer".
1. Deep clean vases: fill with warm water and drop 2 tablets into vase.
2. Speed scrub the toilet: 2 tablets in toilet bowl, do a once around with a toilet brush.
3. Make an all purpose cleaner: 3 tablets and 8 oz. of water.
4. Safely unclog a drain: 3 tablets in the drain and hot water.
5. Build rockets: use a film canister, put 1/2 tablet and fill with warm water. Snap the lid on and watch it launch into the air.
Why do these work (supposedly)? Alka Seltzer is mostly in baking soda. If that is the case, couldn't you use regular household baking soda and vinegar and achieve the same thing cheaper? How about those denture cleaning tablets, would they work better?
What other uses can I come up with? How about cleaning the inside of a dishwasher? Would it help make the glassware sparkle? How about cleaning the shower floor? You know how they say to brush your teeth with baking soda to remove stains? What if you pop an Alka Seltzer and swish? Yegods, I do get carried away!

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