Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going Green

Have you noticed "Going Green" is the new "hot" expression? If you're not "going green" are you a bad person? After all, don't we all want a clean, healthy environment? As Grandma used to say, "Make this world a better place when you leave than when you came." Of course, now the "in" jargon is "reduce your carbon footprint".
Once again, as I read how we can all contribute to a "green" world, I am reminded of common sense.
*Before you buy ask yourself:
-Do I need it?
-Do I own anything that does the same function?
-Does it save time, space or make my life easier?
-Where will I store this?
-Is this the best possible price and quality I can get?
-Is this a disposable item or something I will use for a long time to come? (Obviously the idea is to avoid disposable items).
-Do I absolutely love it?
-What do I get rid of in my closet/drawer to allow me to bring this home?
-If it breaks, would I fix it or toss it? (If you'd toss it, you probably don't need it!)
-How many times in a year will I use this?
-Can I buy this used rather than new (recycled)?

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