Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Control Your Spending

Researching items for this blog, I cam upon an article. It had the same refrain as most, "keep track of what you spend for a month." Then you are better able to make a realistic budget. Back in the day when we were first married, we had very little money. It's funny to even say, now, but we had such little money we could not even afford an adding machine to do our budget on. So, my talented hubby made an abacus out of an old frame, picture wire and old beads from a necklace. Yup, you read it right, unbelievable, eh? He taught me how to balance our checkbook, pay bills, figure out how much I could spend for groceries, etc. on that old abacus.
I decided I could try this exercise of keeping track of every penny (well, dollar) I spent for a whole month. What I found is I spent a whole lot less. YEA! I was embarrassed to write down some of the frivolous stuff I was about to buy, so I just didn't buy it. Nobody told me I couldn't buy it, nobody knew I was doing this little experiment. What an eye opener!
For the month of March, give it a try. Keep track of everything you spend, cash, debit card, credit card, or check (round it to the next highest dollar).
Include this monthly challenge:
Keep track of:
$$ you put aside for emergency fund (save) (EF) $_______
$$ You put in change jar (empty your wallet every night) (CJ) $_______
How many days were "No Spend Days"? (Out of 31 possible) (NS) _______
How many meals did you eat out (or go out for cocktails)? (EO) _______
Look for the update in a new section "Show Me The Money!"

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