Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Citrus Fragrance

I often walk for exercise. When I first moved to Arizona, it was in the spring, about this time, mid March. As I walked around the neighborhood I smelled this intoxicating fragrance. What on earth could it be and where do I get it!?!
I listen to a popular radio station when I walk, it is funny, good dialog between the two people (Beth and Bill) and good music. "Bill" said he missed the fragrance of the orange (or citrus) blossoms in his neighborhood. Evidently most of the people cut down the citrus trees.

I then learned what the intoxicating fragrance was, it's citrus blossoms! Oh my, for those of you who close your eyes dreamily when you inhale the fragrance of roses, or lilacs, or peonies, multiply that by 10. The fragrance can fill the air two houses away. It is pure bliss.
Now is the time in Arizona when the air is filled with this delight. I never want it to end, I feel as if this is what heaven must smell like.

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