Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day

I am a romantic at heart, I love Valentine's Day. Who knows where it came from, I appear to be such a practical person. Maybe it's being from the Midwest, having the bright red hearts adorn everything in the bleak white (turning brown)winter, an excuse to celebrate in the middle of the endless cold gray days. Maybe it's a throwback from elementary school when we gleefully made the Valentine shoebox and had an excuse not to do schoolwork for an hour Valentine's Day party. Whatever the reason, I can't wait to celebrate!
I know Valentine's Day isn't for everyone. Infact, one could be quite the curmudgeon about it, saying things like, "you're celebrating a massacre", "it's trumped up by Hallmark" or "it's just another excuse women have foisted upon men for another gift". Okay, fine, if you feel that way, don't celebrate. For me it's a breath of fresh air, a day to celebrate your family and friends, the people you love and make you feel special throughout the year, a day to say, THANKS! I appreciate you! You're the BEST!
I have been researching Valentine's Day and it appears the economy is hitting this holiday as well. Last year people spent $123 on the occasion, this year, it's down to $102. Fine, it could be nothing in my mind, maybe the price of a phone call to say "Hi!". I had to laugh at one naysayer that said, "Instead of sending flowers or buying chocolates or that infernal stuffed bear, buy stocks." Okay, if that is what turns your crank, go for it. I am sure your honey will appreciate it in time. For me a hug and kiss will do just fine.

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