Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day Flowers 1-800-622-5155

You know it's going to be a special day when someone knocks on your door, you answer it and there stands the delivery person with a gorgeous, fragrant bouquet of flowers. It never ceases to make the heart go pitty-pat.
It's a touching gift, made even more special by the fact it is not permanent, it's a moment to be cherished. Receiving a bouquet of flowers makes me think someone special is thinking of me at that precise moment. No matter how my day is going, it turns instantly into a great day!
There is a movement in this country that will put the local florists out of business. It has been done by some savvy techie. That is 1-800-flowers. That number and website, is merely an order-taking warehouse of operators, most of whom have no idea about flowers. They advertise in nearly every phone book across the nation. You can't fault them for their ingenuity. However, think about it, if half of your payment for ordering flowers goes to the order-taking and filling process (yes, this means only about half of what you are spending goes to the actual flowers), wouldn't you rather have your money go to a bricks and mortar store that carries live flowers and have a vested interest in your arrangement?
I have two suggestions:
1. Call Jacques Flowers; a family owned business with years of experience. They have been listed many times in the FTD "100 Best Florists" in the nation. 800-622-5155.
2. Google flower shops in the city in which you are ordering flowers for and order directly from the local florist.
Whether it's Valentine's Day, a birthday or "Just Because" anytime of year flowers are such a welcome, heart-warming gift!

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