Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cooking 101

Cooking Terms
Bake: Cook in the oven
Braise: Cook in oven with small amount of liquid and covered. This is used to tenderize.
Brown: Cook on stove surface until food is browned, usually using small amount of oil or butter.
Clarify: Melting butter to separate fat and solid.
Cream: Soften or blend until smooth and light, usually with electric mixer.
Fold: Combine using two motions, cutting through the mixture and sliding across the bottom of the bowl to turn over the mixture.
Fricassee: To cook by braising, usually small pieces.
Julienne: To cut in small thin strips that resemble match sticks.
Knead: To fold and press dough with palm of hand.
Pare or Peel: To cut off outer layer or skin.
Poach: Cook gently in hot liquid that is below boiling temperature.
Simmer: Cook over low heat until liquid forms small bubbles.
Stew: Cook in a liquid for a long time (hours).
Stir Fry: Cook with a small amount of fat on a high heat using a tossing motion.
Whip: Using an electric beater or whisk, beat very fast to incorporate air into mixture to make it light and fluffy.

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