Monday, February 23, 2009


Coffee, Cup O' Joe, Kaffe, whatever you want to call it, whatever language it's in, give me my morning cup! Coffee is more than a dark, warm liquid filled with robust flavor to get me moving in the morning. It's a ritual, a social occasion, a stolen moment to myself to sip and linger.
There are so many kinds of coffee, which should you choose? Consumer Reports did a study and found "8 O'Clock" coffee the best. I like all kinds of coffee. Infact, I like to taste different brands of coffee like some people make a hobby out of tasting different kinds of hot sauce or beers. There is Illy, Starbucks, Carabou, Green Mountain, Tully's, Peet's, Gloria Jean's, Gevalia, Millstone, and all of the grocery store favorites. Speaking of Gevalia, copy and paste this link for a great deal on coffee today, 3 boxes of coffee and a travel mug for $3!
Enjoy your coffee, invite me over, I''ll be right there!

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