Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Wonder of a Child

This picture says it all, the complete joy, the total wonder of the moment, the unabashed happiness. I am in awe of the naivete and idealism of children. I embrace their simplistic views of the world, a blanket, a full tummy and love from Mom and Dad and "Life is Good".
We are so lucky to have children in our lives. They bring such a richness to each day. Every experience, every moment is a new discovery to add to their memory bank (and to ours).
When I had my first child, my heart was so full of total love and commitment to this baby, I never thought I could ever love that much again. When I had my second child, another chamber of my heart grew (a fact not generally reported in medical textbooks). The miracle happened. I had the same love and commitment to him.
I still am awed by that phenomenon, that is, until I see their face, or hear their voice, or think of them, then the love comes flooding back. Years don't matter, they will always be my wonderful children.

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