Thursday, January 29, 2009


I do not purport to be an MD nor do I feel I know everything there is to know about nutrition. I have a working knowledge and since I have a degree in foods, feel I know a little.
Thought I'd share this with you...
I went to purchase some vitamins for Christmas gifts. (Want to keep my loved ones healthy!) The store owner told me to buy Prenatal Vitamins for the young women. Since one of the young women was my son's significant other, I felt uncomfortable doing this.(No further comment necessary on that one, is there?) I declined. But I decided to investigate further.
I asked some guests that were staying for dinner. He happened to be an MD and she was a pediatric nurse. They were both in agreement. "Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid and there is nothing more a Mother can do to help prevent birth defects. Since folic acid builds in your body, you can't just start taking it when you become pregnant, you should start before." Then she added, "Besides, we have both of our daughters take them because they are good for hair and nails." (Their daughters are adult single women.)
Next stop, my annual gyn visit. I asked my gynecologist her opinion. She said, "I think prenatal vitamins are woman's "silver bullet". They have iron, calcium, folic acid, etc. They are good for the bones, hair, nails, blood and folic acid has been shown to increase the cell membrane strength to hold collagen, and may help prevent facial wrinkles." In her opinion, all women should be taking prenatal vitamins, from mid-teens to old age. Sold!

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