Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Value of a Sewing Machine

They don't teach sewing in middle/high school anymore. Being a home economist I think that's a mistake, but since I don't underwrite the budget, so be it.
That shouldn't stop anyone from owning and being able to use a sewing machine. They are now frequently under $100, and that is for a model that has several bells and whistles.
I had the opportunity to help out my son by recovering some kitchen chair cushions to an old set. I figure we saved over $600 by doing the work myself rather than sending it out. It looked almost new when it was finished!
My advice, buy an inexpensive sewing machine and take some classes at adult education in your community or check them out at Joanne Fabrics. It's a creative outlet and saves money. Did I mention you can mend and hem on these gems also??

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