Friday, January 9, 2009

Take the Day Off

It's been a flurry of activity, some might think it starts with the school year beginning in September. It's time to get the kids off, get the activities rolling, sign-ups for teams and leagues, then on to Halloween. If you have kids or not, one can't helped but be wrapped up in this a little. Before you know it, it's Thanksgiving and "Kaboom!" right into Christmas and New Year. Then, before you catch your breath, it's time to put away the decorations, extra dishes, suitcases, and new toys, clean and organize the house and digest all those manuals for the new tech toys one gets, it keeps you busy.
But now it's time to take a breath. Take the day off.
Some people have two speeds, "GO" and "STOP". You know these people, they go like a house afire and get so much done, then when they sit down they fall asleep. Even they need a day off to recharge the batteries.
Grab that new robe, get an oversized cup o' joe and enjoy a respite this January Day.

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