Friday, January 16, 2009


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I have been scanning our family's photos,changing them to digital format. It is no easy task, believe, me, when you start on 40+ years of photos. I envy this generation, that all it will take is a few clicks to update their photos when they are 50+ years old. You have to know there will be new way to save photos by then. I have gone through all of my Mother's photos, all of our old family photos and I am soon to be finished with my two son's photo books. Did I mention I had over 5000 slides to go through as well? I try to scan for a couple of hours each day, so far it has taken me a month, but I hope to finish within the next couple of days.
Now, for the good part, I wouldn't change a thing I've done. It was a cathartic experience to revisit those good times (let's face it, very few take photos of bad times). I laughed, I cried, and I was amused.
Growing up in Mason City, Iowa, the home of Meredith Wilson and The Music Man, one couldn't help but be touched by the music bug. Our family was no exception, Jan, the accordion player (and best vocalist), Jene, the flute/piccolo player and Mike, the most accomplished of the three, being the percussionist. Ah, back in the day!!! :-)P.S. Some of you may know this tune as one thing, to my family it will always be the Mason City Mohawk Fight Song.

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