Saturday, January 17, 2009

Never Give Up!

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I have this sign above my desk. It reminds me everyday to live life to the fullest and when times are tough, to never give up.
It is so easy to become a victim of life. You know those people, the ones that say, "I am too fat" but never do anything to lose the weight. "I hate my job" but continue to have a poor attitude about their job to improve the situation. "I have no money" but continue spending. "My spouse (significant other) is so rotten", then they disconnect from the relationship. The list goes on... It's so easy to pass the buck and blame others for our own ills.
It's time to take stock in our lives, quit complaining and start acting.
*Change your attitude. When you think a negative thought, STOP right there and replace it with a positive thought.
*Take the issue in your life and think (verbalize) one positive thought about it a day. For example, if you hate your job, make yourself think one positive thought about your job each day. Then say it out loud to a co-worker. If your relationship is bad, think one positive thought about the other person each day, then tell them.
*Stop complaining, start acting. Complaining does not work as a life strategy.
*If you wake up, congratulations, you have another chance!
and remember, "When the going gets tough, Never, Never, Never Give Up!"

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