Friday, January 30, 2009


Maturity is a process. Where are you on the scale of being mature?
Signs of being a responsible adult:
1. Ability to hold a job, be accountable, dependable and loyal.
2. Self-care:
A. Learn how to grocery shop and cook.
B. Eat nutritiously.
C. Groom yourself, shower, maintain hair (both wash and cut), keep your body groomed and clean, see doctor and dentist on regular basis, manicure nails, take care of oral hygiene, get exercise, and appropriate sleep.
C. Be addiction free.
3. Financial: Be able to maintain a lifestyle to support yourself.
A. Pay rent/mortgage and associated utilities, etc.
B. Pay charge accounts in full at the end of each month
C. Put something in savings each month.
D. Be responsible for your debts. If you are in debt, do not go on vacation or buy what you cannot afford. You do not "deserve' that, what you deserve is a solid future, not a "borrowed" future.
4. Have pride in your possessions.
A. Take care of things, keep your car clean and maintained.
B. Keep you house maintenance up-to-date. Keep your house/apartment clean and tidy.
C. Take care of your clothes; keep them mended. laundered, hung up and put away.
D. Find a placement in your home for your possessions and keep them there so you have less loss.
5. Present yourself with poise. Learn good manners, good grammar and good writing skills. Use them as a habit. Your image is the picture you paint of yourself for the world to see and respond to.
6. Be dependable. If you say you are going to do something, follow through.
7. Commit. In everyone's youth, it is easy to be invited someplace, then hedge and wait for a better offer. If you are invited to join in, commit, yes or no, and stick with your decision. Do not let people down.
8. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Make decisions in your life that will affect a "lucky" outcome. Responsible people are not victims of life.
9. Care for others. Two year olds and teenagers are perhaps the most narcissistic of all people("it's all about me"). As you mature, you reach outside yourself and care for others, be it a significant other, children, co-workers, or volunteering.

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