Sunday, January 25, 2009

Home Security

Home Security is a common sense issue. It is something to consider from time-to-time as we can get complacent. Home invasions are a crime of convenience. If it's easy to get in one neighbor's home, the thief will select that one as compared to the home that has some common sense practices in place.
Police will tell you the following:
*Leave a light on a timer inside your home if you are gone.
*Cancel newspaper and mail if you are gone.
*Have a TV or radio on a timer when you are out of the house.
*Have motion detector lights on the exterior of your house.
*Trim all shrubs away from the house so intruders can't hide.
*Keep valuables out of sight.
*Have dead bolt locks installed on your doors.
*Keep your doors locked, even in the daytime.
*Lock the door between your home and your garage.
*Use window locks so windows can only be opened a certain distance. (these have to be removable in case of fire.)
*Get "Charlie Bars" for your sliding glass doors.
*Use a security system.
*Vary your routine so you are not so predictable.
*Check out this website for home security gadgets like the photo today.

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