Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The End of January

It's always a good feeling to be able to rip January off the calendar. It seems you start the month with a hangover, both because of too much partying over the holidays and too much spending for Christmas, so that means dieting and budgeting. YUK! I'd rather spend the month cleaning the oven!
Then the days of dark and cold seem to drag on, this in only interrupted by snow, which we all know requires back breaking work to shovel.
It's time to perk up. We are in the last week of January and soon we will be liberated from the depths. February brings renewed hope of spring, warmer temperatures, flowers, birds singing and more sunshine! Okay, it doesn't happen in February in all parts of the country, but there is hope. Besides, February is only 28days long, that's tolerable!
Time to get prepared...
Start with a facial of a few crushed strawberries or grind some oatmeal and make a paste. Leave on face for 3-5 minutes and wash off gently with a warm washcloth.
Take a 15 minute siesta with cucumbers on your eyes to get rid of the bags and dark circles.
To feel better about your skin, exfoliate, yes that mean shave! Leg hair does not add an insulation "R" factor to your life!
Want to get rid of your winter "moon glow", (that is opposite of suntan!)? Try one of the many improved tanners/bronzers.
Try a hot oil treatment on your hair. Saturate you hair with olive oil, put a towel in the microwave so it is quite warm, but not hot to the touch. Wrap you hair for 15minutes, then wash.
A home remedy for dry, flaky skin is to rub Miracle Whip (not mayonnaise) on your skin, let set for 2 minutes, the shower off. The dead skin peels off.
For a glowing complexion, put 3 tablespoons of cider vinegar in a warm bowl of water. Splash you face several times to restore your body's natural pH and bring back the glow.
Change out of your sweats. That alone will improve your mood!
It's time to start looking better! Hang in there, the lilacs and forsythia are coming!

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