Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scandinavian Humor

**Click on Playlist: "Lichtensteiner Polka" for music."
The other day my friends Ole and Lena (AKA "The Stud and The Hotdish) rolled into town in their RV, heading to Tucson and the Picacho Peak area to pick pecans. Those two are quite a pair. Their new camper is 13 feet high. They encountered a sign on a bridge that read, "Low bridge, no vehicles over 12 feet." Lena said, "Gosh Ole, Vat do you tink?" Ole replied, "Vell, dere's no cops around, I say we hit da gas and go for it!"
Lena was pretty miffed before the trip anyway. Their neighbor Sven had come over to wish them a pleasant journey and asked Ole who told him how to drive before he married Lena?!?

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