Friday, January 23, 2009

Dancers World

As most of you readers know "Foxtrot Freddie" and I have taken ballroom dancing lessons for 13 years. One would think we would be professional by now, but no, when you take lessons as a couple, it goes very slowly. Combine that with neither of us having any dance background and we will be some dance teacher's retirement plan. The important thing is we love doing it together, it brings joy, challenge and laughter to our lives.
We have been lucky to have had some excellent dance teachers along the way, many who have become close friends. Right now, we take lessons from a dear young couple who we have watched come from barely professional status to #3 in the nation! Decho Kraev and Bree Watson are like our kids, young, dedicated, personable, passionate and a joy to watch mature. They will be featured on the PBS Ballroom Dance Special February 25th. Don't miss it, I promise an entertaining evening! I include this YouTube segment as a preview of what you will see (a bonus...the new program is even better than what you are seeing here!)

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