Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cleaning Your House

My Grandma always did spring cleaning. She'd work like crazy, emptying her closets and hanging all of the clothes outside on the clothesline to air. She'd paint the closet and move everything back in. The list goes on. She did this until the year she died, she was 84!
We don't have to wait until spring. I always thought when the Christmas decorations come down is a good time to get started, out with the old, in with the new....
In our busy lives we cannot fathom doing that level of housecleaning. We're lucky to get the weekly chores done. However, once a year, whether it needs it or not (trust me it needs it!), a deep clean is a good thing.
A workman never attempts a job without the proper tools. Here are a few suggestions for your housecleaning toolbox.
*Toothbrush for small cleaning jobs
*Regular scrub brush
*Soft towels/chamois
*Paper Towels
*Spray bottle of 50%vinegar/50%water
*Spray bottle of 50% rubbing alcohol/50%water.
*Baking soda
*Chlorine Bleach
*Abrasive cleanser as Comet
*Pool Pumice Stone (works miracles taking out stains of the toilet bowl).
Try to have a few of the basics in the rooms that get the dirtiest. For example, have paper towels, a bottle of 50% rubbing alcohol/50%water in a spray bottle in each bathroom for the mirrors and cleanser for the toilets. This will make your cleaning days much more efficient.
We do not have the luxury of spending all day for a week doing this deep clean, but as Grandma said, "Jenie, just do one drawer, or cupboard, or shelf a day. Soon you will see it's all done!"
Today I am tackling my kitchen utensil drawer. How about you?

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