Thursday, January 8, 2009

Clean Closets

Cleaning your closet.
Cleaning your closet is probably the hardest place to clean. There is always doubt in your mind about the possibility of wearing an item one more time. However, it won't clean itself as Mom used to say, so let's get going...
Get 2 bags before you clean your closet, one for Goodwill or other charity and one to toss. Go through your closet item by item. If you haven't worn it within 6 months, if it isn't comfortable, or if it's needs mending and you never get around to doing it, put it in a bag to either give away or toss.
Wipe down the closet shelves and floor as you go.
*Clothes should be grouped into type, shirts, pants, skirts, etc.
*Group your clothes in colors, white, down the color spectrum to black.
*All clothing should be facing the same direction.
*All clothes you keep should be clean, pressed and mended/altered ready for wear.
Shoes should be paired together, should be clean and polished.
If you have clothing in plastic bags for protection, take a digital photo and glue it to a postcard. Punch a hole in the postcard, tie a ribbon through it so you can identify the clothing inside without having to always open the bag.
You can also do this with shoe boxes by taking a digital photo, printing it and gluing it to the end of the box.
Purses should go in a plastic or cardboard box on a shelf. Secure the purse strap inside the bag for less clutter.
Pants and or sweaters on a shelf should all be folded the same with the folded side at the front. Again, plastic bins come in handy for these items.
Belts can be secured to a wall by hooks.
**This is the year for being frugal. If you buy one item to put into your closet, make a pact with yourself that you must get rid of another item. It'll make you think before you buy.

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