Thursday, December 4, 2008


As I have mentioned, many of my friends have grandchildren now. I do not...and although I look forward to that opportunity, I really want whoever has children to be ready for them. (Not that we are ever ready, but no pressure to those who want to wait.)
I am lucky enough to have a cousin with adorable twin daughters about 5 years old. They are truly a hoot. What one doesn't think of, the other does. I have never heard so many little girl giggles in my life! Luckily their parents are sooo good with them and they are a true joy to be with. Next, I have a dear friend who has the best little girl. She is 2 years old and I am currently spending 3 days with them. I am sitting here shaking my head and laughing. I almost cannot write about all the fun I have had (and how fatigued I am)! Ya' really can't remember what it's like to keep up with a toddler until you try it again. Whew! Today we went book shopping, made gingerbread men, visited Santa as only a two year old can do, decorated a gingerbread house, went out for dinner and drove through the community display of Christmas lights, having a bonus of visiting Santa's reindeer (live) at the end.
I think my favorite was decorating the gingerbread house. We all got in on the action, Mom, Dad, Little Miss G and me. It didn't take long for Missy to figure out the pretty colored decorations are really candy and it was much more fun to eat than to decorate. Mom and Dad were getting nervous and I was hardly able to contain myself laughing. Of course Little Miss G was in heaven! I'm bad, huh? Guess what, I leave tomorrow!
I am practicing up for being a Grandma, spoil them rotten, love them unconditionally and reluctantly say good bye till next time.
I always thought I had the best Grandma in the world, always having the best time and not being able to wait till I could see her again. Now I am learning she may have had more fun than me! Another life lesson learned.

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