Monday, December 29, 2008

A New Bathrobe

A Christmas Robe. Seems simple enough. I have been blessed with only 2 robes in my life that fit the bill of a robe so comfortable you know it will keep you cozy for all eternity. Sounds melodramatic, huh? But those of you who have owned one of these precious items know of what I am saying.
I received one such robe when I was about 10. My aunt sent me one. It was special getting a gift from "Aunt Mick" because she lived in sophisticated, provocative California. I lived in a small town in Iowa, where nothing fun happened in December except nightly ice skating. This particular Christmas, I opened a package, as did my sister. They held big chenille bathrobes, mine was aqua, hers was pink. We dreamed about being Annette Funicello or Conni Francis or some other "Where the Boys Are" kind of California chick with our transistor radio and our very comfy chenille bathrobe, which we figured must be all the rage on all the surfer girls. I think I finally parted with the worn robe when I went to college.
Then, as luck would have it, I just received another bathrobe for Christmas. I know as I cinch it at my waist, this robe is a winner. I've had numerous robes through the years, some terrycloth, some seersucker, some velour, some slinky satin and some fleecy...among others. But this year, I hit the jackpot of all robes. It is from my hubby. It is not a particularly sexy robe, it is stuffed animal soft, the kind of fabric you want to rub against your cheek. I have it even better, I can wrap it around me and it envelopes my whole body with a luxurious softness. I just know if I am sick I will be able to put this robe on and I'll feel instantly better. On those nights I am chilled to the bone, I can take a hot bath, cozy up in my robe, and voila, the world will be a happier, warmer place. On a lazy morning, I can fill my coffee cup and curl up with a good book snuggled in my great new robe. Ah, yes, my second yummy robe of a lifetime. Thanks Jim!
PS It's from Restoration Hardware.

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