Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's That Time of Year

It's cookie baking time. Cookies are great. They're fun to make, each recipe makes a ton to give to friends (and munch on myself) and especially, this time of year, there are so many yummy kinds, pretty sizes, shapes, flavors and colors.
My favorites, are: cut-out sugar cookies, frosted of course, Mexican wedding cakes, spritz and lingonberry bars. Let's face it, there is rarely a Christmas cookie I've tasted I don't like!
Do you participate in cookie exchanges? They are a fun way to get several different kinds of cookies without having to bake the whole batch yourself. There are so many ways to package the cookies as well. It is fun to receive your friend's baked goodies in the decorated boxes or tins available at the discount/dollar stores. Plus cookie exchanges have the added bonus of an excuse to spend an evening with friends. I just read a good idea for those of you who lack the time or inclination to bake cookies. It's called the "No Cookie-Cookie Exchange." You invite your friends over for the evening. You don't make cookies, you don't exchange gifts, you visit and have a glass of wine. Sounds like a winning idea for busy people!

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