Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Home Invasion

Unfortunately there are a few Bah Humbugs among the HOHOHOs. Home invasions are on the rise and the holiday season is prime time. These are desperate economic times. It used to be that if someone broke into your home, you could pretty much figure they wanted drugs/drug money. Now with people out of work, it's a tough world. Burglaries are up nationwide. It's not just for big city living, it's in the 'burbs and rural areas as well.
Burglary is a crime of convenience. If a thief targets your home, it's your job to make it difficult for them. Will they get in? Maybe, but time is on your side if you set up more obstacles.
These are the items burglars are looking for:
*Computers/Electronics/TV/iPods/Cell Phones
Here are some tips to help foil the burglary attempt at your house.
1. Some police departments will do a free audit to tell you where your house may be vulnerable. Alarm companies will do the same, but be aware, they are trying to sell you something.
2. Trim all shrubbery to beneath the outside window. Don't make your shrubs easy to hide in.
3. Turn on a radio or TV when you are gone.
4. Buy a few timers and put lights on in different rooms at various times during the dark hours.
5. Install motion lights by every door on the exterior of your home.
6. Take a home inventory of your valuables. Take photos of them. Store them away from your home, perhaps a trusted family member. Save receipts of big ticket items.
7. Buy an engraving tool and put an identifying mark or your name on your valuables.
8. Write down serial numbers of big ticket items.
9. Pass protect everything on your computer.
10. Shred documents when you are done with them.
11. Store items in a safe deposit box at the bank.
12. Secure your garage. If you have an attached garage, lock the door between your home and garage.
13. Get a dog, or at least post a "Beware of Dog" sign.
14. Secure windows and sliding glass doors with additional locks/"charlie" bars.
15. Install and use home alarm security system.
16. Have a neighborhood watch or have someone check on your home if you are away.
17. Have someone collect the mail, newspapers and/or solicitor fliers brought door-to-door when you are away.
18. Have someone mow your lawn or shovel your sidewalk when you are away.
19. Use video surveillance or "dummy" cameras. See link: http://www.homesecuritystore.com/ezStore123/DTProductList.asp?p=2_1_1_1_0_0_167&ad=361528163
20. Use "dummy" safe places for cash, passports, etc. See link:
**Note the photo today is a home with a video surveillance camera, a siren alarm and a motion detector light above a door. All of this is was found in a supposedly low crime neighborhood, maybe that's the reason why!

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