Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Grocery Shopping

Holiday Grocery Shopping... YIKES! I have made my list and checked it twice, but I know I'll forget something. I fret over this more than anything during the holidays. There is so much to remember, all of the appetizers, all of the meals for several guests, everyone home for three meals a day, all of the beverages, and keeping everyone's dietary habits in mind. Then there are garnishes, candles, serving pieces, leftover containers, my mind spins.
Yes, there is a grocery store nearby, but it's a big deal to me to have to go back to the grocery store. Why? Because everybody there is just like me, in a frenzy because they have forgotten what I have! We are all after the same thing. It's worse than standing in line at Best Buy at the Black Friday bell with lines just as long and the products just as scarce.
It's time to take my deep cleansing breaths and just do it!

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