Thursday, December 11, 2008

Helping Teachers

I have a dear friend who has taught for many years. She is dedicated, a true professional and definitely has those little munchkin's interest at heart. Our education system is lucky to have her and millions more like her.
Yesterday I received an e-mail from her.
Dear friends and family:
I became a teacher to make a positive impact on the lives of children. Teaching is a very demanding job, but the fulfillment of seeing a child succeed makes it all
worthwhile! To see the students make gains in the classroom is the ultimate reward!
Gold Star Registry allows you to help me continue to positively impact students. It is a website that allows donors to purchase items on my registry and have these items
shipped directly to my school. The mission of Gold Star Registry is to help teachers get the classroom tools they need so they can focus on what really matters: making a
difference in the lives of their students.
To contribute to my classroom and student's for years to come:
Log onto
Search for my classroom.
Browse through my registry of needed items.
Select an item or items, or make a donation to my
piggy bank.

I appreciate her sending that to me. I gladly gave to her account. I know she spends some of her relatively low wages on her classroom needs, as most teachers do. As education budgets get cut, perhaps this is a way for us, who don't support a particular school, to help out with educating the next generation. You may want to pass this online address "" to the teachers you know and we can help them make a difference.

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