Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Mistletoes

Friends... What would life be without them? I cherish friendships. I work hard at maintaining friendships, keeping up with birthdays, staying in touch over the phone or sending an unexpected note.
My sister, Jan, has many friends all over the world. She has travelled extensively and keeps in touch with so many. However, there is a special group of friends that she has stayed in touch with for over 30 years. They all started in the hospitality industry when it was a male dominated field. Today they are a group of strong, successful women filled with joy and stories and memories. I was lucky enough to be a part of a gathering. We munched on scrumptious treats, imbibed on holiday nog and opened silly and thoughtful gifts for each other to once gain hold in their memory banks. One friend brought holiday sock/slippers for everyone. These silly sixty-somethings giggled delightedly, rolled up their pant legs, slid on the cozy socks and bounced on the bed for the Kodak moment. Thanks for including me!

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