Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting Ready for New Year's Eve

I am a rather superstitious sort. I don't walk under ladders and cringe when a black cat crosses my path. I know I am in good company when it comes to these ideas, many of you are the same way.
It is time to prepare for the coming of the New Year. Many cultures have their own legends or superstitions about how to ring in the New Year. Latinos share their tamales, the Southern Folk share their black-eyed peas. My Mother-in-Law made sure she had a new house broom and new kitchen towels to start the New Year. My Sister-in-Law being of Polish descent gives everyone in her family a silver coin to put under their pillow on New Year's Eve to bring prosperity in the coming year.
I must admit, I have my coins, my broom and my new kitchen towels at hand. Yes, I also have a little "bubbly", but I am not sure how that figures in with superstitions! Salud to the New Year!

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