Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

December 24 is the day we traditionally go to church and open our gifts. This year is no different. All the preparations are completed, we've donned our new (or old) holiday sweaters, ties and socks and we are ready for the festivities to begin.
However there is the anticipation for the family members to arrive. Again, this year is no different. It is time for son John to come. He travelled in severe Midwest weather with very icy and snow-blown roads. To a Mom this is gut-wrenching, hour upon hour filled with angst about his safety. But the wonderful moment arrives and in walks exuberant John, filled with jokes and smiles, gifts and a barking basset named Buck. John is dressed like none other than Cousin Eddy on Chevy Chase's Christmas Story. My heart is filled with gratitude that my family is all safe and together.
Life is good, let the merriment begin.

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