Sunday, December 21, 2008


We celebrate Christmas at the darkest time of the year, knowing that the light of God within us transcends any darkness.
Advent has always been a special time as we prepare for Jesus birth. We take time out from our secular activities of parties, gift buying and cookie making to celebrate the "Reason for the Season". I send Christmas cards out the 1st Sunday in Advent traditionally as my covert way of greeting my friends and family to start the preparation. Here we are all ready, the 4th Sunday in Advent preparing for baby Jesus. I used to never miss a Sunday worship in Advent. We would then come home from church and light our Advent candle, talk about what that candle meant and have brunch.
I've always thought the message of Advent was beautiful, the symbolic lighting of the purple (one pink traditionally) Advent candles of peace, joy, happiness and hope. Advent means "coming or arrival." It symbolizes the spiritual journey of Christians preparing for "the word to become flesh." It is a month of joy and expectancy.
Remember the Christmas story as you hustle about these next 4 days.

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