Thursday, November 13, 2008

Want Some Chocolate?

The young groom was putting the finishing touches on his bow tie and tux, ready to meet his bride at the alter. The best man, said, "I admire you. I sure don't understand women and here you are getting married. How do you do it?" The young groom thoughtfully responded, "When she has a bad day, I just sit and listen, don't say much, then when she's all done, I ask, "Want some chocolate?" The best man was astounded, "Does that work!?!" The groom, with a slight smile relied, "Depends on what kind!"
That sounds flippant at first, but think about it, what a profound answer! Don't we all need some chocolate at the end of a horrendous day? Your chocolate, may be literal, the Hershey or Godiva kind, but maybe it's a kind word or a hug, whatever gives you that warm comfort feeling.
So the next time you run into someone, family or acquaintance, who has had a bad day, listen to them without judging and think of the saying, "Want some chocolate?"

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